What kind of marketing efforts can I expect from Bob Goree Auctioneers to make sure the greatest number of buyers know about my property?

Auction flyers sent to hundreds of prospective buyers announce the auction with a listing of the highlights from the sale. Auctions are also advertised in  local periodicals. Also internet advertising is done which brings a more comprehensive auction listing and color photos to prospective buyers. This comprehensive marketing program brings the greatest number of prospective buyers to Bob Goree Auctioneers.

I would like to sell my property through Bob Goree Auctioneers. What commission rates are charged for consignors?

Commission rates vary. Call our office to find out more at:
(806) 373-1379

I have some items I would like to sell. How do I consign them to a Bob Goree Auction?

If you have property you wish to sell at auction, our first step is to set up an appointment to meet with you and inspect your property. After our initial meeting, plans for further steps will be explained at that time. To set up an appoint please call our office at (806) 373-1379.

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