Thanks just doesn't seem like enough for all your company did for me. Everyone was so nice and helpful during a difficult and sad situation. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount received considering the time and effort needed for Ms. B_______'s things.

Thanks ever so much.

G.T. Amarillo, Texas


You recently held an auction January 17th with numerous items that you all picked up from a home I own in Amarillo. I was completely at a loss for how I would move all the items out of my home so I could put the house on the market.

I have to admit I became quite emotional from the stress involved. Then my realtor suggested I contact you all and see if you could help. We met, you did EXACTLY as you said you would, and I was shocked to see how many items you all were able to take to auction for me. Turned out my house was just about empty once you all loaded the items up. All I had to do was clean a bit.

I received my check in the mail yesterday, I was completely shocked and so incredibly grateful!! That being said, THANK YOU. Thank you from the deep debts of my soul. Thank you for easing quite a burden and helping me as you all did. I have let my realtor know how impressed I am and she passed that on for future referrals to you all.

May you all be blessed today and for all the days to come!!

Thank you,


We recently down sized from a larger house to an apartment. We could not decide the best way to handle this situation. Fortunately, we were referred to Bob Goree Auctions. Mr Goree came out to our home and answered alot of our questions. Within a week, he had scheduled his crew to come out and package our items. They handled our items with respect. They were prompt, efficient, and very professional.. Our lot came up on the auction within a month, a second and final auction came up two weeks later. We couldn't be more satisfied with the end results. I, personally, would recommend his services to anyone. We want to thank Bob Goree and his entire staff for their professionalism.

A. and J. N.


Mr. Goree,

I wanted to formally thank you for all your help and your staffs support in undertaking a monumental task of moving years of collections and household items that were not in the best location or condition. I could not have done it without you and your staffs help. Additionally, although my moms house at auction didn’t garner as much as we would have liked it to, it did bring a fair amount and I know it would have sold for much less without your help.

Mr. & Mrs. Goree, thank you very much for your assistance during a difficult time. You and your staffs efforts, consideration and honesty are greatly appreciated!

D. N.
Port Orchard, WA  


Thank You for the special things you do. We wanted you to know how much we appreciate you and your crew for the great job you have done in selling our “stuff”.

F. & B. G
Amarillo, TX


Good day,

A couple of weeks ago I received a check for my share of the proceeds from the auction of some items from my father’s estate. I wanted both to make sure you know I got the check and to thank you for your service. I appreciate your willingness to clear my old family home, even though there was not much of value there, and to work the items you took into the auction for another estate. It was a big help to have the house mostly emptied in a single afternoon, and I am glad to get as much as I did from the sale. The service I received was professional, competent, courteous, honest and fair.

Amarillo, TX


Rochelle and Bob,

It was such a pleasure to meet you and your staff. It is so seldom that we get to work with folks that display such a high level of professionalism and courtesy. Many thanks for helping us out with this case and best wishes for a happy holiday season.

Blessing to you,
C.O. & Assoc.
Lubbock, TX


Dear Mr. Goree,

Just to let you know I received your check and have deposited it in my bank. I know my Church can use the money wisely. Your services made our task of moving a little easier.

Amarillo, TX


Dear Bob,

Thank you for handling the sale of the assets of the Estate of W______ O. W_______ Jr. (Deceased). You and your employees showed more than ordinary interest and care in accepting possession of the myriad items in the estate and you accounted for each and every item you received in a manner that gave me the assurance, as administrator of the estate, accountable to the Potter County Court, that the goods were safe pending the auction sale.

The auction sale far exceeded my expectations both as to the diligence with which each item was offered for bid and the results achieve.

Finally, thanks for the detailed report showing each item sold and the sale price. No detail was omitted and it permitted me to report the sale to the court by attaching your report as my exhibit.

I will recommend you at every opportunity, particularly to trust department officers in Amarillo who are in position to use or recommend your services. Thanks for doing a good job.

Very truly yours,
J. T. O.
Attorney at Law
Amarillo, TX

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